Coffee Collective, Torvehallerne

Coffee Collective in Torvehallerne is one of my favorite coffee shops in Copenhagen. The Coffee is AWESOME!

Coffee Collective says following about their coffee shop: “At this spot, we have chosen to offer a menu limited almost solely to coffee drinks as we regard Torvehallerne being exactly that: Every single stall and its people specializing in and presenting exactly what it is we each do best. We hand brew on Kalita Wave and use the Fetco filter system for batch brew while espresso based drinks are made on our Spirit espresso machine.”

OH and during the summer they offer soft ice with espresso coffee. Lovely when it’s sunny and warm outside.

I often visit Coffee Collective when coming to Copenhagen. I often have informal meetings there. That way I can connect work and pleasure. I just love going there.

The bartistas are very friendly and can guide you to the perfect cup of coffee.

Coffee Collective is located in Torvehallerne close to Nørreport Train Station, Kongens Have and Ørstedsparken.

Find them here (see the map below):
Vendersgade 6D (Torvehallerne)
1363 Copenhagen K, Denmark

+45 60 15 15 25


Opening hours:
Mon - Fri 7am - 8pm / Sat 8am-7pm / Sun 8am - 6pm

Shop - WiFi