MET, Ryesgade

On Ryesgade 25, 2200 Copenhagen N, close to the lakes, you can visit MET, a lovely little coffee shop. When I visited it was only 21 days old.

The coffee I had was made with beans from Kontra Coffee. Their regular Kontra Espresso. The cup was from a local ceramist, Helle Kingbird, and a lovely addition to the coffee.

MET offers a variety of coffees, espresso, americano, cortado, flat white, cappuccino, latte, icecoffee, filter and pour over. In addition they also have the and hot chocolate. The prices are very resonable.

If you are hungry they are also ready to help you there. A variety of breed and sandwiches and some sweet stuff.

The interior is pretty simple and the colors are significant.

MET is run by Mette, Caroline og Thomas. They also do vegetarian catering for private and business. Their mission is to prduce great looking food. Something for the eye as well as for the stomach.

Go visit them!

Find them here (see the map below):
Ryesgade 25
2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark

+45 31205615


Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 07.30 - 17.00 / Saturday & Sunday: 09.30- 15.00

Food - Power outlets - Shop - WiFi