I want to raise awareness and do something for the world of coffee

I want to tell coffee stories. Stories about direct trade, more than 100 million people who rely on the coffee trade, the 25 million who’s primarily livelihood comes from coffee. Stories about the 100 billion dollar coffee industry, reducing migration, reverse brain drain, fighting poverty, improving womens rights and much more.

2nd part of my project is coffee shop reviews. In the beginning in Copenhagen, but who knows… expansion might come! Since I’m a photographer, the stories will include pictures and video from some of my cameras. Both digital and analog.

Coffee Bean

Telling stories about coffee

I want to tell coffee stories from around the world. Starting with trip to Colombia later this year. Stay tuned! It will be a blast.

Coffee Bean

Coffee shop reviews

Visiting and reviewing coffee shops in copenhagen, Denmark. I hope I will find some good coffee stories this way too.

Coffee Collective, Torvehallerne

As a photographer and coffee drinker I always carry at least one camera with me. This was also the case in 2015 when I visited Coffee Collective in Torvehallerne. I had a couple of hours to spare, waiting for a friend. This little film came just kinda happened during those 2 hours.

Contact me if you wan’t to hear more about my project…