Who’s sponsoring my project?

FujiFilm has loaned me two super awesome Fujinon KM lenses for my Sony E-mount cameras. I already love them.

Coffee Collective is taking me with them to Colombia later this year so I can tell some stories about coffee and their direct trade & partners. Super exited!

Lowepro is sponsering bags and other awesome accessories. Bringing my all time favorite; the ProTactic 450AWII over there to keep my equipment safe.

Focus Nordic is one of the largest distributor of photographic products in Europe. They Lend me vast amounts of gear to test and try out in my journeys into the coffee world.

Why is a sponsorship important to me?

Coffee & Cameras is primarely a private initiative, and not something I make money from. But I do get to combine my two passions; Coffee and Cameras, which is great.

I would’nt mind getting some more sponsors aboard so I can devote some more time to it.

If you are interested in sponsoring, in any way, please contact me here…

Sponsor my project in coffee